Portland Public Schools Partners with Certica Solutions to Improve Data Quality

District Certifies Data on an Ongoing Basis

WAKEFIELD, Mass., May 27, 2009 – Certica Solutions today announced that Portland Public Schools (PPS), the largest district in Oregon with 46,000 students, has chosen Certica’s K-12 data certification software to implement a new data quality improvement process to support student achievement, ensuring the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the data the district is required to submit to the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) several times each year.

Certica’s software, called Certify™, provides daily, personalized, web-based data certification scorecards to central office and school personnel, so they can easily review, investigate and correct data errors. This capability will allow PPS to significantly shorten the time it takes to identify and resolve data problems and improve data quality. Certify will also allow PPS to monitor data for program compliance and policy issues, such as student dropout rate, providing alerts to patterns of attendance data that could indicate that certain students are at risk of dropping out and are in need of intervention services.

Like many districts across the country, PPS has been challenged by complex and changing data reporting requirements, which can be stressful and burdensome for school districts. In addition to changes in data requirements, ODE recently made changes to the frequency and content of submissions. In reviewing its approach to state reporting, PPS searched for a way to best utilize valuable personnel resources, while satisfying the changing ODE mandates. The district has adopted Certify to institute an ongoing, automated process, which reduces the time pressure associated with reconciling and verifying data just prior to state submission. In addition, Certify will allow PPS to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of all other district data reporting and analysis based on the same information.

PPS is initially applying Certify and the data certification process to its preparation for ODE’s Average Daily Membership data submission, which ties to the district’s funding. Says Dona Lehr, program director for data and policy analysis at PPS, “Certify will give us the ability to make data certification a daily, ongoing, year-round process. The software eases the pressure on school personnel and allows us to measure the quality of our data at any point in time. We anticipate that Certify will give us increased confidence that the data we use for decision making and submit to the state is as accurate as possible, helping to ensure that we receive the state funding necessary to educate our students.”

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