Managing Assessment Content Just Got Easier

Certica is proud to be a Gold Sponsor for Innovations in Testing 2019. This year’s conference theme: Challenge.Transform.Evolve. aligns closely with our mission to provide robust and reliable technology that lets assessment content publishers focus on what they do best—provide innovative and impactful products.

Assessment content collections are growing rapidly, and publishers and state and local education agencies need a fast and reliable way to create, manage and deliver content.

Focus valuable resources on content, not complexity.

ItemLogic® offers a “one-stop-shop” of item and assessment creation, item banking and deployment capabilities so you can manage the entire lifecycle of item and assessment content.

Scalable Content Authoring: Create items and assessments using a simple, intuitive authoring editor and test blueprints. 30+ interactive item types let you develop innovative and engaging content.

Manage Assessment Content: Curate content collections, manage and store all item assets, metadata, learning standards and assessments in one place, including passages, images, videos and audio.

Standards Alignment: Align items to local learning standards for both core and non-core subjects. ItemLogic leverages the Academic Benchmarks standards database, for easy access to the largest collection of up-to-date standards.

Collaboration: Use item creation workflows that foster collaboration and multi-level team engagement. Review and approvals are easy, including star ratings, thumbs-up/down tags and commenting.

Portability: Provide platform partners with access to your assessment content and metadata as soon as you publish it. Delivery capabilities ensure content is packaged and rendered exactly as it was intended.

Analytics: Gain valuable insights from reporting capabilities based on user feedback and content analytics, to inform and guide your product roadmap.

Record of Success

The two leading commercial item banks manage and deliver content using ItemLogic, one of which is the Navigate Item Bank™, Certica’s collection of more than 94,000 standards-aligned test items and pre-built assessments. Our content creation team benefits from the intuitive user experience, collaborative workflow and comprehensive features that simplify content curation and update. The ItemLogic user experience reflects our expertise.

Test publishers have also used ItemLogic to manage their assessments including: CenterPoint Education Solutions™ (formerly Parcc, Inc.), Measurement Incorporated® and Measured Progress®.

Watch this video to learn more about how ItemLogic lets you develop, curate, maintain and deliver assessment content − all in one place.