Join the K-12 Interoperability Movement

Bringing data together for a holistic view is the new imperative for today’s K-12 school districts. To achieve this, districts are turning to data interoperability initiatives that connect their data, enabling educators and district staff to make data-driven decisions, improve student progress and deliver efficient and cost-effective IT programs. Spearheading the interoperability movement is the Ed-Fi® Alliance—offering a comprehensive suite of open source technologies: Ed-Fi Data Standard, Operational Data Store (ODS) and API. Ed-Fi is a subsidiary of the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation and their mission is to empower educators with comprehensive data that is secure, accurate, and actionable.

How do vendors benefit?

Vendors who serve the K-12 market are trained and certified by the Ed-Fi Alliance to support school districts in their effort to integrate data through a common education data model. By obtaining Ed-Fi Certification, vendors bring additional value to their K-12 education clients and can support them through custom Ed-Fi implementations or a managed Ed-Fi solution. Ed-Fi is rapidly gaining momentum as the scalable education data infrastructure that districts can rely on—reducing vendor investment and support for other standards and point-to-point integrations. The scope of vendor data systems may include: student information, assessment, learning, special education, nutrition, transportation and HR & Finance.

Certica offers a hosted and managed interoperability solution for school districts that choose not to implement and support their own Ed-Fi ODS. Data Connect™ is based on the Ed-Fi Technologies and is designed to manage data integrations between applications with a minimum of effort and IT support. The platform contains the comprehensive Ed-Fi education model as part of a fully hosted and managed operational data store (ODS) that centralizes data and enables bi-directional sharing via the Ed-Fi API. Data Connect offers an optional data vault which collects and stores historical data to power accurate reporting and visualizations.

Get Started Today.
  1. Claim your Data Connect Integration Console. The Data Connect Integration Console is a unique management console that enables districts and application providers to collaborate, minimizing the complexity of an Ed-Fi data integration. By claiming your integration console, you can see which school districts are requesting data integrations from their vendors and manage your company description. You’ll also be able to manage integration packages and securely deliver keys and secrets to your customers who are implementing Ed-Fi technologies.
  2. Become Ed-Fi certified. Ed-Fi certification allows product developers to demonstrate adherence to the Ed-Fi standards and guidelines, and uniquely positions them as innovators in the data interoperability vendor landscape. This gives purchasers or users confidence knowing that their application will interoperate and seamlessly exchange data using Ed-Fi standards and technology.
  3. Start testing in a sandbox. Utilizing a sandbox for development and testing is a great way to get your Ed-Fi integration ready for your clients. Certica offers an affordable and easy-to-use ODS sandbox for vendors.

To learn more about data interoperability for K-12 vendors and providers or the Data Connect solution, contact us.


Ed-Fi is a registered trademark of the Ed-Fi Alliance, LLC.