Everett Public Schools Chooses Certica to Ensure the Quality of District Data

K-12 Data Quality Software Allows District to Better Serve Community

WAKEFIELD, Mass, October 14, 2008 — Certica Solutions today announced that Everett Public Schools, a district of 18,500 students in Everett, Washington, has selected Certica’s Certify™ software to help the district improve and monitor its school and student data. The software ensures that critical instructional decisions are based upon the most accurate and complete assessment data available and that district communications programs are targeted, with messages and information reaching intended audiences.

Certify is a rules-based software solution which produces daily reports online, alerting district and school personnel to data quality issues and possible compliance violations. Using Certica’s Certify software, Everett Public Schools runs a nightly series of tests against the district’s student information system, checking for missing, invalid and inconsistent information. Data issues can then be resolved in an expedient manner, and tracked over time.

The district’s information technology staff uses Certify to ensure the quality of data in the district’s emergency communications system, which sends alerts to parents and guardians via email and phone. Because of the sensitive and critical nature of these emergency communications, it is essential the contact details in this system be of the highest quality.

Certify software is also used to check the accuracy of students’ “diversity identity,” which includes demographic information such as gender, race, ethnicity and graduation year. Ensuring the quality of this data means that the student body is represented accurately, and that funding and special programs are targeted to the students who need them most.

Certify is able to detect patterns of data that might otherwise escape a manual review, such as a comparison of course schedules between public school, private school and homeschool students—some of which might be incorrectly coded. Newel Rice, the district’s operations and development manager knows “if the data isn’t correct, then we aren’t serving these populations correctly.”

Unlike other methods of data analysis, Certify allows districts to easily configure rules that describe what high-quality data should look like, and then test actual data against those rules. Exceptions to those rules are then identified and reported online.

Certify also gives early warning indicators, such as when students’ attendance patterns or correspondence between grade level and course credits may indicate a risk of dropping out or failure to graduate on time. Early warning indicators will lead to a more thorough review of student information and can result in student interventions, if warranted.

About Certica Solutions, Inc.
Certica Solutions is the leading provider of K-12 data certification software solutions, which deliver a pro-active, systematic approach to data validation, reporting and monitoring. The company’s solutions enable education agencies to maximize funding, streamline information management processes, and optimize regulatory reporting and compliance. Founded in 2001, Certica counts among its customers the U.S. Department of Education, several state departments of education and numerous school districts nationwide.

About Everett Public Schools
Everett Public Schools, located 25 miles north of Seattle, has an enrollment of 18,500 students and is one of the city’s largest employers, with 1,800 employees. The City of Everett, the largest city in Snohomish County, is a Pacific Rim city situated on Port Gardner Bay. Everett Public Schools takes pride in the high expectations and standard it holds for its students and strives to ensure that each student has the knowledge and tools to be successful and graduate on time.

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