Content Collections Fall Update

The Certica Connect Platform-as-a-Service enables education agencies, K-12 vendors and providers to efficiently manage their learning and assessment content through item and test creation and management, digitization of content, standards alignment and enriched search.

Certica Connect is pre-populated with the market-leading Navigate Item Bank, with more than 88,000 test items, made accessible to educators via the leading learning management systems, student information systems, assessment applications and other innovative K-12 tools.

The Navigate Item Bank offers formative assessment items aligned to all 50 state learning standards, the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards – including state-specific versions of those standards.

We’re pleased to announce the most recent release of the Navigate Item Bank which includes:


  • Math
    • 450+ additional Math items, including 115 new technology enhanced items (TEIs), bringing the total number of Math items to 36,300+
  • ELA
    • 360+ additional ELA items (Reading, Writing and Research), including 200+ TEIs, bringing the total number of ELA items to 36,100+
    • 7 new reading passages and associated items
  • Science
    • 119 additional Science items, many written directly to the Next Generation Science Standards. Alignments are available by both Disciplinary Core Idea (DCI) and Topic. Science items now total 11,800+
  • Social Studies
    • 138 additional items across grades 6-12, including constructed-response items, bringing the total number of Social Studies items to 4,300+


Certica continuously revises, updates and refines item alignment. Alignments have been updated for:

  • Mathematics (NJ, UT)
  • English Language Arts (NJ, AK)
  • Social Studies (DE)


A multipart item requires students to respond to two or more related component items to complete a task. The Navigate Item Bank includes new combinations in this release:

  • Multiple Choice / Text Entry
  • Multiple Choice / Constructed Response
  • Multiple Choice / Hot Text
  • Hot Text / Multiple Choice


The Navigate Item Bank adds 2,400+ items translated into Spanish, in Math and ELA (K-12) and Science (3-12), bringing the total number of translated items to 17,800+, including some TEIs. Navigate also includes 45 new translated passages, bringing the total number of translated passages to 352. Contact us for details on the Navigate Spanish item package.