Since 2000, Certica has helped K-12 organizations improve performance, rely on data-driven decisions, leverage learning assets and measure success.

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A compulsion to deliver return-on-investment: Certica’s roots are in data management, cloud infrastructure, analytics and compliance.

Our K-12 partners have benefited from our software application know-how, proven practices and a compulsion to deliver an ROI. Our team has grown over the years to include experienced educators and edtech leaders. Our aim is to provide K-12 organizations – and the vendors and providers which serve them – the means to create efficiency and interoperability, and enable measurable performance and learning outcomes. Certica partners with a diverse network of K-12 application and system vendors, as well as education content and assessment providers. Certica also delivers products and services directly to nearly 600 education organizations, including school districts, state education agencies, charter school organizations, and educational services agencies. Certica is based in Wakefield, Massachusetts and has offices in Harvard, Massachusetts; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Austin, Texas.

Certica has brought together best-in-class technology, data architecture, education metadata and more than 12 decades, combined, of education expertise.

Certica History

“The products and services you provide are ones I consider to be world-class.”

– Tim Harper, Ed.D., Chief Information Officer, Seminole County Public Schools

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