SEA Focus: Developing the Business Case for Next Generation Data Architecture

Certica analysts synthesize priorities from a set of multi-faceted engagements with stakeholders at all levels. The approaches, principles, and messages of agency leadership are reflected in a cohesive roadmap for the education data systems. Working closely with the organization, we derive a detailed execution plan, estimating costs, cost savings, and value to be realized. An immersion with users yields the use cases for the application and results in insights into the key features and characteristics of highest value. Models, wireframes and prototypes codify the application design and validate the details with users. The resulting application specification is ready for implementation using internal or contract resources or for use in an RFP.

The Certica Community

The Certica community includes more than 500 school districts and charter networks, independent schools, state education agencies, and over 200 K-12 vendors and providers.

State Education Agencies

  • Delaware Department of Education
  • District of Columbia Public Schools
  • Nebraska Department of Education
  • New Hampshire Department of Education
  • Wyoming Department of Education