Certica Solutions’ Latest Software Release Promotes School Involvement in Data Certification

Certify™ Software Facilitates Schools’ Ability to Monitor and Address Regulatory Data Issues

WAKEFIELD, Mass., August 19, 2009 – Certica Solutions, provider of K-12 education compliance and accountability software, today announced its latest version of Certify software, the data certification application used by local and regional education agencies across the nation. Certify 4.6, which is being released to user districts this fall, further facilitates the critical role that school personnel play in a district’s ability to pro-actively validate, monitor and reconcile high-stakes student and teacher data, especially prior to that data being reported to state and federal regulators.

Certica Solutions first introduced Certify in 2004 with the U.S. Department of Education and a handful of state education agencies as users. In 2006 Certica shifted its focus to local education agencies, recognizing that districts shoulder a significant burden in collecting, managing and reporting the nation’s education data, the foundation for state-level data-driven decision-making that is the target of hundreds of millions of dollars in federal education stimulus funding. Certica has long championed the viewpoint that each school should be responsible for its own data, and take an active role in the year-round, pro-active review, validation and reconciliation of that data. Certify version 4.6 takes another step in that direction with specific school user improvements that make it even easier for schools to be responsible and accountable for their own data.

Certify enables schools and districts to maximize funding, avoid penalties and audits, and reduce costs associated with the collection, management and reporting of data to state and federal regulators. Certify version 4.6 provides school users with:

A simpler interface to access and review student, school and teacher data errors;

A re-designed, streamlined “Data Certification Scorecard” to display problems and issues with data and gauge improvement over time via the unique Data Certification Score (DCS) included on the Scorecard;

More immediate access to user support; and – Automatically generated emails that deliver summarized or detailed data certification results to users’ Inboxes.

Said Mark Rankovic, Certica’s president and chief executive officer, “we find that, historically, many school districts have not had the technical means for schools to take an active role in the productive, measurable improvement of their data. Now, with so much federal and state emphasis on data-driven decision-making, the level of stringency and complexity in data reporting is higher. We believe that Certify software is unique in its ability to automate, streamline and simplify the process of data certification, which is essential to a district’s ability to secure funding, demonstrate compliance and accountability, and reduce costs.”

About Certica Solutions, Inc.
Certica Solutions provides compliance and accountability solutions for the K-12 education system. The company’s data certification software, called Certify™, enables education agencies to maximize funding, optimize regulatory reporting, and ensure compliance with education policies and mandates. Founded in 2001, Certica counts among its customers several state departments of education, educational service agencies, and numerous school districts nationwide.

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