Certica Solutions Introduces CertifySIS to Aid Migration of Student Data

Web-based Service Improves the Data Integrity and Timely Roll-out of New Student Information Systems

WAKEFIELD, Mass., March 3, 2009 – Certica Solutions today announced the introduction of CertifySIS™, a web-based data certification service designed for school districts that are migrating school and student data from existing student information systems to new systems. CertifySIS is a hosted service based on Certica Solutions’ Certify™ K-12 data quality certification software. The first edition of CertifySIS focuses specifically on the needs of school districts that are migrating data from Pearson’s SASI system to new student systems.

Recognizing that data migration is usually the single most challenging aspect of transitioning to any new system, Certica Solutions has designed CertifySIS to help school districts identify problems in their existing SASI systems, such as incomplete, inaccurate or inconsistent data, which could potentially compromise the integrity and timely roll-out of new systems – regardless of which replacement student information systems districts choose.

CertifySIS runs a nightly battery of more than a hundred data certification rules against a district’s SASI data, checking for a range of data errors related to student demographics, enrollment, special programs, course history, teacher and parent information, and a host of other topics. The SASI data certification rules used in CertifySIS have been configured jointly by Certica Solutions and SASI-user districts across the nation, and are constantly expanding as a result of feedback from these districts. CertifySIS provides daily, automated, online data certification scorecards which allow school and district personnel to review data issues and expedite the process of data correction and reconciliation in their SASI system – well in advance of the data being migrated.

Certica’s management team and technical staff have seen first-hand that cleaning up data before it is migrated helps ensure the quality of data in new systems, ease the migration process, and complete implementations on time and on budget. “School districts nationwide are grappling with the challenge of moving school, student and teacher data to new student information systems which promise the benefits of improved functionality, integration and data access,” said Mark Rankovic, Certica Solutions’ president and chief executive officer. “CertifySIS provides an easy and affordable way for school districts to ensure the return on investment in their new systems, by giving them a detailed, daily inventory of data issues that could potentially jeopardize their implementation and implementation schedules.”

Districts can purchase the CertifySIS service in three-month increments, with costs ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 for districts with up to 15,000 students, depending on the size of the district. Pricing for districts with more than 15,000 students is available upon request. More information about CertifySIS can be found at www.CertifySIS.com.

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