Certica Solutions Continues to Expand its Partnership with New York Educational Service Agencies

Additional Member Districts Adopt Data Validation Service

WAKEFIELD, Mass., May 5, 2010 – Certica Solutions today announced that its partnership with New York State Regional Information Centers (RICs) to provide a data validation service to school districts has expanded to include two additional RICs: Mid-Hudson RIC and Nassau BOCES. These two RICs join Lower Hudson RIC and Eastern Suffolk BOCES in the collaboration with Certica. The service, known as the New York State Data Validation Service, helps districts improve the accuracy and completeness of data reported to the New York State Education Department (NYSED) through Level 0, NYSED’s district data collection system.

Initially launched by Certica and Lower Hudson RIC, the service is powered by Certica’s K-12 data certification software, called Certify™. It entails a battery of validation rules which are run directly against a school district’s student information and special education systems, validating the data to the standards defined by Level 0. District and school personnel receive automatic, daily, personalized online scorecards, where they can view errors in the data and detailed descriptions about how to remedy the errors directly in their administrative systems. This daily, pro-active approach to data quality alleviates the burden of a time-consuming process of data clean-up at state reporting submission time, and spreads the workload out over time in a more manageable way.

With the addition of Mid-Hudson RIC and Nassau BOCES, the New York State Data Validation service is currently being maintained collaboratively between Certica Solutions and the four RICs. Certica relies on the RICs for their domain expertise and knowledge of the ever-changing state data standards, and together they maintain the accuracy of the validation rules. As a result of the expanded partnership, the service now validates data in the following subject areas: Assessments, Demographics, Enrollment, Program Services, Special Education Events and Special Education Snapshot. The collaboration has also led to furthering the capabilities of the service, including enhancements such as Prescriptions: instructions that help guide users through the process of how to fix data errors in their administrative systems. The expansion of the service to new districts has also broadened the number of administrative systems supported by the New York State Data Validation Service to include student management systems eSchoolPLUS, eSchoolData, Infinite Campus, PowerSchool, schooltool; and special education systems ClearTrack200 and IEP Direct.

Said Mark Rankovic, Certica Solutions’ president and chief executive officer, “we are excited to be part of the evolution of the New York State Data Validation Service. With Eastern Suffolk BOCES, Lower Hudson RIC, Mid-Hudson RIC and Nassau BOCES, as well as Yonkers Public Schools, we are now directly validating student and special education data to Level 0 standards for over 155,000 students in nearly 30 school districts across the state – a level that we expect to double by the start of the 2010-2011 school year. In partnership with these organizations, we hope to continue to expand the service by exploring additional validation rules which could ultimately lead to the centralization of the current distributed error checking for districts.”

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