Standards and Assessment News | June 1

From coast to coast, we’re tracking happenings from across the country. This edition brings you learning standards and state assessment news from Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Iowa and elsewhere.

Standards and Assessment News | May 15

This edition of Standards and Assessment News shares CoSN’s recent report on online testing, as well as developments about the management and leadership of the SBAC and PARCC assessments.

Standards and Assessment News | May 1

We’re tracking news from across the country: Science standards are discussed in New Mexico and Texas, while Math is a topic in North Dakota and Wyoming. Rhode Island plans to adopt the Massachusetts state assessment. Check out our daily news digest on Twitter @CommonCorner.

Standards and Assessment News | April 15

Spring testing is in full swing. Check out news and updates regarding state assessments, changes to standards, and ESSA-driven moves. The twice-monthly digest is available here and daily news @CommonCorner.

Standards and Assessment News | April 1

States continue to search for new assessments and shift their learning standards. Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana and others are on the move, in this edition of our Standards and Assessments blog. Twice monthly digest posted here and daily news at @CommonCorner.

Standards and Assessment News | March 15

The landscape continues to shift: Smarter Balanced has requested proposals from companies like ACT and the College Board to create a test that could provide students with both a SBAC score and a college entrance score after one assessment. The new test would not replace the existing SBAC assessment, but would instead be a new offering.

Standards and Assessment News | March 1

Certica tracks a range of education news sources, to bring our partners the most up-to-date developments in states’ learning standards and assessments, nationwide. To get a state-by-state understanding of national standards adoption, browse our State Maps. Wondering how to manage the continually shifting landscape of learning standards? Check out Academic Benchmarks.

Standards and Assessment News | February 15

Certica continuously monitors education news from a variety of sources related to learning standards and student assessments across the country. Beginning with this blog post, we’ll provide periodic instalments of the news items we’re collecting. For our partners whose products and services rely on up-to-date information about legislative changes and education trends, we hope this post can be a valuable resource.

Certica Connect Update

Certica’s cloud-based platform of best-of-breed technology services – Certica Connect – solves myriad challenges for education agencies and K-12 providers. Certica Connect enables organizations to address challenges created by the inconsistent deployment and inefficient integration of data, instructional and assessment content, and descriptive education metadata for that content.

Content Collections Fall Update

Certica Connect is pre-populated with the market-leading Navigate Item Bank, with more than 88,000 test items, made accessible to educators via the leading learning management systems, student information systems, assessment applications and other innovative K-12 tools.