Team Spotlight: Demystifying the Complex World of Taxonomies and Machine Learning

Each month we feature a member of the Certica team and highlight the impact they have on the education sector. This time, we sat down with Marci Ladd, Product and Solutions Manager for Academic Benchmarks, to learn more about Certica’s network of learning standards, taxonomies and the relationships between them, as well as the AB Connect recommendation engine and associated algorithms that power it.

Let’s Talk Data Interoperability at CoSN

We’re gearing up for our appearance at the CoSN Conference April 1-4, 2019 in Portland OR. Certica will be exhibiting (Pod #26) and Data Connect™ adopter, Hillsboro School District (OR), will showcase how they’ve made great strides toward data integration and application interoperability with the Ed-Fi®Data Standard.

Data Interoperability: What Does it Really Mean?

School districts are often faced with many data application challenges. Learn more about how an interoperability solution can create more accessible and integrated data to drive student achievement.

Let’s Face it: Education Standards Are Hard to Use

Rarely do standards creators include tools for implementation. There are few how-to guides for using standards optimally or plugging standards into a district’s operating procedures. Grappling with a way to consume or comply with standards, many district administrators simply hit the “print” button.

4 Ways Next Generation Science Standards Positively Impact Science Education

Next Generation Science Standards shift science education away from traditional classroom activities
heavily focused around fact memorization, lecture, siloed “subjects” and simplified cookie-cutter lab activities that don’t inspire our students or prepare them for a STEM-dominated economy.

Better Data. Better Student Outcomes.

Teachers need accurate, complete and historical data on their students to make the interventions needed for improved student outcomes.