The Real Impact of Chronic Absenteeism

September is officially Attendance Awareness Month. We celebrate with the first article in a three-part series on chronic absenteeism, including a closer look at this growing challenge and innovative ways many school districts are overcoming it.

The Importance of Data in Personalized Learning

The topic of personalized learning has been discussed for a few years, but many school districts may still wonder how to get started. This article takes a close look at the benefits of personalized learning and highlights how an effective data analytics solution can become an important tool in making this concept a reality.

Team Spotlight: Fostering Certica’s Culture of Service Excellence

Each month we feature a member of the Certica team and highlight the impact they have on the education sector. This month we sat down with Mike Agostino, Vice President of Services at Certica, to get his take on how services play a role in the success of AB Connect™ clients.

Science Assessments Evolve to Reflect Next Generation Science Standards

States are transitioning to three-dimensional science standards and teachers are immersing students in an inquiry-based environment. As the definition of mastery shifts to reflect the standards, what form should assessments take? It’s clear assessments that measure rote memorization of facts are not going to probe deeply enough to measure how students performing in an inquiry-based environment.