19 Things Every Academic Benchmarks User Needs to Know in 2019

New Year, new things to know about Academic Benchmarks! Start off 2019 by discovering why Academic Benchmarks isn’t just about learning standards.

  1. Explain to your boss why metadata is important to your product strategy.
  2. Use AB Connect search terms and taxonomies for describing and tagging your content, allowing it to be searched, discovered, recommended and connected to other learning assets. It’s about tagging your content with more than just learning standards.
  3. AB Connect machine-assisted alignments have been executed up to four times faster than manual alignments.
  4. In need of Career & Tech Ed (CTE) learning standards? Certica offers the Common Career Technical Core (CCTC) standards and CTEs for all courses in 16 states, with 12 more states planned for 2019.
  5. Understand the difference between learning standards relationships and crosswalks.
  6. Need to serve your clients’ needs with precise alignments in additional states? Find out how Nearpod did it.
  7. AB Connect clients benefit from seamless content interoperability based on the AB GUID, a unifying standards infrastructure and 3rd-party access and licensing controls.
  8. The machine-assisted alignment accuracy of AB Connect has been measured to be over 92% on a machine-only basis, and as high as 99.98% when combined with subject matter expert involvement.
  9. Track changes to learning standards more easily. With AB Connect, users can now efficiently track any changes to their licensed standards—including additions, deletions and updates. AB Connect allows you to learn about changes to standards automatically, removing the manual effort needed to stay current with standards.
  10. Tag content with literary themes and terms. AB Connect’s taxonomies give content publishers a common language for describing and tagging learning materials, so content can be searched, recommended and connected to other learning assets. Certica’s Artifact literary taxonomy is now available in AB Connect, featuring search terms related to topics, themes, literary elements and learning criteria, enabling more effective discovery of books and literary content.
  11. Leading instructional platforms offer precise and granular standards search using AB Connect learning metadata.
  12. Considering adding quizzes to your application platform? Go ahead: quiz yourself on what makes up a good test question.
  13. Here’s what AB has been up to since joining Certica in 2016. (This one is good to geek out on.)
    • Development of a REST-based API that provides highly structured standards-based metadata, highly-performant standards search and standards-based relationships;
    • A tagging and alignment engine based on machine-learning and artificial intelligence to accelerate tagging and alignment of educational content, as well as manage the tags and alignment more efficiently over time;
    • A collection of structured taxonomies that provide a set of common tags to describe educational content to enhance search and discovery;
    • A highly-performant API-based search engine to enable the search of tagged and aligned content.
  14. Is your application data-intensive? Learn how leading data system and application vendors are offering more comprehensive student data, reporting and analytics to their educator clients.
  15. Listen to Glynlyon VP of Curriculum Development Jen Salta describe how AB Connect has transformed Odysseyware’s content and product strategy.
  16. Interested in how the Ed-Fi Alliance is partnering with Academic Benchmarks to make learning standards available to the Ed-Fi community? Read the news release.
  17. Edmentum Exact Path received top ratings in content alignment to the iNACOL National Standards for Quality, in a third-party review by Certica’s alignment experts.
  18. We recently expanded our leadership team to include Edtech veteran Mike Agostino, who heads up the Services team at Certica.
  19. Follow us on Twitter @AcadBenchmarks and LinkedIn to join the edtech conversation.
  20. We promised 19, but we couldn’t resist. On the road in 2019? We will be too! Check out our conference calendar.