Standards and Assessment News | June 15


Colorado Begins Standards Review

Colorado has begun a review of its standards in eleven subjects, as well as standards for ESL students and the state’s first Computer Science standards. The Board of Education must approve all changes by July 2018. The state has already concluded a public comment period on the existing standards, which will influence the revisions.  Learn more


Colorado Ends PARCC Membership, Contracts with Pearson

Colorado announced that it will end its membership in PARCC, moving away from the consortium’s assessments. The move was sparked by a directive from the Board of Education, requiring that the state find a vendor that could “reduce testing time, provide results within 30 days and give the state authority over test questions and administration policies.” The state has contracted with Pearson, who already administers the state’s assessments. Additional changes may come after the state completes its standards review. Learn more ; More here


Kansas Renews Assessment Contract with University of Kansas

Kansas has renewed its assessment contract with the University of Kansas’ Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation. Despite some technical issues last year, the vote was unanimous.  Learn more


Nebraska Science Draft Open for Public Comment

Nebraska has opened its Science draft for public comment. The state is also providing a comparison of the new draft to NGSS.  Learn more ; More here


New Mexico Will Reduce Testing Time

The New Mexico Public Education Secretary has announced a reduction in student testing time, which was developed by consulting with other PARCC states. The changes will mean a 30- to 40-minute reduction in testing time, which coincides with a 90-minute reduction passed two years ago. The move is expected to give students ten additional instruction days in the school year.  Learn more


New York Will Shorten Assessment Time

New York Students in grades 3-8 will take ELA and Math assessments over two days instead of three beginning next spring.   Learn more ; More here


Ohio Bill Would Create Computer Science Standards

A bill advanced by a committee in the Ohio House would require the creation of Computer Science standards. The bill will now go before the full House for a vote.  Learn more


Wyoming Seeks Input on Social Studies Standards

The Wyoming Department of Education is seeking public input on it Social Studies standards with respect to a recent House bill that requires educators create materials about American Indians. There are five public meetings scheduled.  Learn more